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Waist(in) 24-25 26 27 29
Waist(cm) 62.5-64.5 66.5 69 74
Hips(in) 34-35 36 37 39
Hips(cm) 87.5-89.5 91.5 94 99
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With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest.

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Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body.

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Active ingredient

Active substance: lincomycin (in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate) 250mg.

Excipients: potato starch, sucrose (powdered sugar).

Composition of the capsule shell: gelatin, water, sodium lauryl sulfate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (methylparaben), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (propylparaben); dyes: quinoline yellow (E-104), sunset yellow dye (E 110), titanium dioxide.

Pharmacological properties

Antibiotic of the lincosamide group. In therapeutic doses, it acts bacteriostatically. At higher concentrations, it has a bactericidal effect. Inhibits protein synthesis in the microbial cell.

It is active mainly against aerobic gram-positive bacteria: Staphylococcus spp. (including strains producing penicillinase), Streptococcus spp. (including Streptococcus pneumoniae /except Enterococcus faecalis/), Corynebacterium diphtheriae; anaerobic bacteria Clostridium spp., Bacteroides spp.

Lincomycin is also active against Mycoplasma spp.

Most Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa are resistant to lincomycin. Resilience develops slowly.

There is cross-resistance between lincomycin and clindamycin.

Indications for use

Infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by sensitive microorganisms (primarily staphylococci and streptococci, especially microorganisms resistant to penicillins, as well as with allergies to penicillins):

  • Sepsis.
  • Subacute septic endocarditis.
  • Chronic pneumonia .
  • Lung abscess.
  • Pleural empyema.
  • Pleurisy.
  • Otitis.
  • Osteomyelitis (acute and chronic).
  • Purulent arthritis.
  • Postoperative purulent complications.
  • Wound infection.

Skin and soft tissue infections:

  • Pyoderma.
  • Furunculosis.
  • Phlegmon.
  • Erysipelas.

Severe impairment of liver and / or kidney function, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to lincomycin and clindamycin.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

Lincomycin penetrates the placental barrier, is excreted in breast milk. Use during pregnancy is contraindicated. If it is necessary to use during lactation, the issue of cessation should be resolved. Breastfeeding.

Use in case of impaired liver function

Contraindicated in severe violations of liver function. In case of violation of liver function, a single dose of lincomycin should be reduced by 1/3 - 1/2 and the interval between injections should be increased. With prolonged use, systematic monitoring of liver function is necessary.

Use in renal dysfunction

Contraindicated in severe renal dysfunction. In case of impaired renal function, a single dose of lincomycin should be reduced by 1/3 - 1/2 and the interval between injections should be increased. With prolonged use, systematic monitoring of kidney function is necessary.

Use in children

Children aged 1 month to 14 years inside - 30-60 mg / kg / day; intravenous drip is administered at a dose of 10-20 mg / kg every 8-12 hours.

Special instructions

In case of impaired liver and / or kidney function, a single dose of lincomycin should be reduced to 1/3-1/2 and increase the interval between injections. With prolonged use, systematic monitoring of kidney and liver function is necessary. In the case of the development of pseudomembranous colitis, lincomycin should be canceled and vancomycin or bacitracin should be prescribed.

Drug Interactions

With simultaneous use with penicillins, cephalosporins, chloramphenicol or erythromycin, antimicrobial antagonism is possible.

With simultaneous use with aminoglycosides, synergy of action is possible.

With simultaneous use with means for inhalation anesthesia or peripheral muscle relaxants, an increase in neuromuscular blockade is noted, up to the development of apnea.

Taking antidiarrheal drugs reduces the effect of lincomycin.

Pharmaceutical interaction

Pharmaceutically incompatible with ampicillin, barbiturates, theophylline, calcium gluconate, heparin and magnesium Sulphate.

Lincomycin is incompatible in the same syringe or dropper with kanamycin or novobiocin.

Dosage and Administration

Inside, 1-2 hours before or 2-3 hours after meals, 2-3 times a day with an interval of 8-12 hours.

For adults, the daily dose is 1-1.5 g, a single dose is 0.5 g.

For children aged 3 to 14 years, the daily dose is 30-60 mg / kg.

The duration of treatment, depending on the form and severity of the disease, is 7-14 days (with osteomyelitis - 3 weeks or more).

With prolonged or repeated courses, treatment should be carried out under the control of liver and kidney function.

Side effects

From the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, epigastrium pain, diarrhea, glossitis, stomatitis; transient increase in the level of hepatic transaminases and bilirubin in the blood plasma; with prolonged use in high doses, the development of pseudomembranous colitis.

From the hematopoietic system: reversible leukopenia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia.

Allergic reactions: urticaria, exfoliative dermatitis, angioedema, anaphylactic shock.

Effects due to chemotherapeutic action: candidiasis.

Local reactions: phlebitis (with intravenous administration).

With rapid intravenous administration: decreased blood pressure, dizziness, general weakness, relaxation of skeletal muscles.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 25 °.

Shelf life 4 years.

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